Marit Onrust January 08, 2022

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My coach told me years ago that changing your behaviour takes about a year before you have completely mastered it and it is therefore sort of automatic. It took me quite a while as someone with a rather busy and creative mind. It is still sometimes a challenge not to get ahead of myself, you could say that the name 'unrest' fits me well ;-).

Big changes don't happen automatically and need time and awareness.
Only when you are aware of your own habits, actions and preferences can you start to work on them.
But then we are talking about behaviour.

What we can easily and quickly influence is what and where we make our purchases. The NRC newspaper was full of articles about the "boxing" of the Netherlands. The large distribution centres of web shops where the staff work under rather mind-numbing conditions. Another article was about Amazon, that the monopoly goes more and more to a few big online entrepreneurs and that the money is taken from the cities. A great pity, because the local entrepreneur is the soul of the city. So by taking your money there, you contribute to your own living environment. I realize that online shopping is an integral part of today's society, but even then you can still make conscious choices. How? By buying at the smaller (web) shops. Maybe you have to wait a day longer for your order to arrive, but hey, is that really a bad thing?