Boek met flesje 4711 eau de cologne

Marit Onrust December 07, 2021


My grandmother, Grandma Onrust, was a wonderful person! She was always in for a joke, but also open for a good conversation. Although she wasn't very mobile herself, she always had people around.

I cherish warm memories of her. 

My grandmother studied conservatory and was a piano teacher, she could play the piano beautifully. Her mother had a renowned hat shop and atelier in the old center of Hoorn. My grandmothers father was a plumber with a conservatory degree and also traded pianos. On weekends he played the piano and organ at parties and weddings for 10 cent per 3 songs.

My grandfather, her husband, had a famous confectionery factory and made one of the first lollypops in the market. I certainly inherited entrepreneurship from the Onrust family.

Although my grandmother loved beautiful stuff she was just as happy with something very simple. Her beautiful crockery with golden edges was always in the cupboard and she drank coffee from a cup and saucer from the discount store.

Smell is one of the strongest ways to evoke memories. 4711 to me is the scent of my grandmother Onrust, she just loved it!

That is why we choose 4711 as the scent of Studio Onrust. The smell of sweet memories....

"4711 Original Eau de Cologne" was launched in 1792 and is a citrus aromatic fragrance for women and men. The perfumer behind this perfume is Wilhelm Muelhens. Top notes are lemon, bergamot, orange oil, basil and peach; middle notes are jasmine, lily, bulgarian rose, cyclamen and melon.