What is Gorpcore?

What is Gorpcore?

Marit Onrust January 25, 2022


Gorpcore stands for "good old raising and peanuts", the snack that outdoor enthousiasts and hikers take with them on their trips. In the Netherlands you could think of "geitenwollensokken". The name Gorpcore was first used in The Cut where a mix is made between the hiking snack and the nonsense casual characteristics of normcore.
The trend was, among others, set by A$AP Rocky and Frank Ocean, who appeared at fashion week in Paris wearing a Patagonia jacket and an Arc'teryx hat. But also Drake and especially Vergil Abloh accelerated the Gorpcore trend.


Why are outdoor items a trend? One thinks it's because they are honest products designed with a purpose, not just marketing driven. When you buy an expensive outdoor jacket you can be sure that you're getting value for money. The clothing should keep you dry and/or comfortably warm. Beside that the items are abrasion resistant and therefore durable and of course you'll move around comfortably in it.


Like everything in fashion, it doesn't have to be too technical and you don't have to look like you're ascending Mount Everest. So combinations could be like a jeans, surf shirt, a good waterproof jacket (eg Arc'teryx or The North Face) and a pair of Vans.

Sounds comfortable right? Comfortable and hip!